4chan Enforcers
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Benny Fine, Rafi Fine, Chris Clowers
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One of them is known as Weird Carl.
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4chan is an secret society on the Internet in the MyMusic universe. They punish anybody who says their name out loud. Anytime the name is said, it must be beeped.


They appear in MyMusic staff room to punish the company (mostly Scene) for saying the name of the group. Out of the three of the group who come to the company to inform of their fate, we only know ones name: Carl, because he goes over top in trying to scare the MyMusic staffers and is frequently admonished by his comrades. The three wear masks, black shirt and pants.

To punish Scene for saying their name out loud, they kill all of her online avatars in gruesome ways.

Trivia Edit

  • They are a parody on the online hacktivist group Anonymous.
  • They are named after the site where Anonymous members frequent.