Attention & Affection
Episode number 12
Season 2
Airdate November 5, 2013
Guest starring Joey Graceffa as Vampire Temp
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"I Can't See" "Stand Up For Yourself"
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Attention & Affection is the forty-sixth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Indie encourages the employees to better themselves, Rayna is hired as a temp and Scene's feelings towards one of her classmates make things awkward.


To improve themselves, the employees work on their weaknesses. Metal is trying to control "gargoyling", Dubstep is trying to speak English, even thought the words Techno is holding up are the exact words Dubstep can speak in his own language, Indie trying to work on his sassiness, Nerdcore decides to go back to doing cello, his first love, and Country is still practicing by avoiding karma and trying not get injured again as she always is by trying to help her fellow employees, to which follows if karma has a problem with it, it can "kiss my country ass." Only to injuring her jaw.

Meanwhile, Scene continues to study with her classmates, to which leads to awkward moments, including the fact she cannot help but speak out her inner monologues, to which the rest all of her classmates look at her in confusion, while learning that even though they see their music professor who tells bad puns, it turns out he looks up his female students' skirts and tells them to not judge others by their covers.

Also, as a result of Scene going to school and Intern 2 keep falling asleep during work, Indie decides to hire Rayna as a temp. The main reason Rayna accepted the job is to get closer to her father, Metal, becuase he's mainly paying more attention to her mother, Tina, since she gotten pregnant, which leads to Intern 2 telling her that she has to work hard to keep the job or she will get into trouble. However, Rayna ignores this advice by stating that pretty people don't get into trouble.