Back in Black
Indie rocking his new handlebar mustache.
Episode number 6
Season 1
Airdate May 20, 2012
Guest starring Nick Walsh as Mr. Indie; Rebecca Black as herself
Episode chronology
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"Don't Panic! at the Disco" "Secret Lives"
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Back in Black is the sixth episode of MyMusic. It revolves around Indie and his father, Mr. Indie, to train to be less mainstream. Metal still is running Metal Town, too.


The episode starts out as Idol and all of her fellow employees are sick of being locked up. She treats the situation like she was on Big Brother, pretending to be "the "Evel Dick" of the conference room" and starting alliances with Techno & Dubstep. Meanwhile, Metal has found all new things to the company, like a cellar full of honeycombs. He goes off to set "a French buttwashing machine" in the restroom while Indie is still suffering from his "mainstream sickness". Soon his father, Mr. Indie, comes in. He tells him Scene has informed him of the recent events and he's here to help his son. Mr. Indie questions him, knowing the conditions are serious. He soon throws up after seeing his son not ironically wearing a Hawaiian shirt and red shorts. Meanwhile, Metal spots infamous musician Rebecca Black in an elevator, as Rebecca explains Indie hires her to write a song for him every day about what he eats for lunch. Metal fires her and Rebecca storms off, saying she has quit. Mr. Indie and Indie soon train, stealing clothes from a homeless man, learning to say no to a CD labeled "Fleetwood Mac Live", growing a quite ironic mustache, and then celebrating their success with a cup of kombucha, which they soon throw up after drinking. Soon, Indie comes back, making "a triumphant return". He has sold everything Metal has secretly bought, but Metal walks away, saying that "Boss man" has won and that he is considering quitting. Indie tells him to stop and reveals he has gotten him his own desk. Metal freaks out in joy, and the two become friends and go off to play 4 Square.


  • Idol: (Whispering to Techno)Do you want to form an alliance? Think about it?
  • Indie: Dad, my likings are becoming increasingly more mainstream and if this is permanent, I'd rather die.
  • Mr. Indie: What do you expect, son, when you're surrounded by pedestrian music and people who eat at Applebee's?
  • Indie: Metal, wait. I'm giving you a desk.
  • Metal: Say what? Say what? Say whut? Say what? Saaaay whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?


Back in Black! (MyMusic Ep

Back in Black! (MyMusic Ep. 6)