The Cameraman is a recurring character in MyMusic. He is the cameraman who films the antics of the staff. While he films every episode, he only interfered for the first time at the end of They Finally Kiss when he offers a tissue to the broken-hearted Idol. He next participates in the series in Party Time when he dances with Idol.

They first romantically interact on-screen in New Boss? when she poses for him. He is named director of Awesome Team in Breaking Up :(, much to Metal's chagrin. However he and Idol start fighting in Sabotage when he zooms in on Christy Romano's breasts (actually Satan in disguise) and they finally break up in Return of the Hipster, where it is also revealed that Cameraman has no real head, the camera is his head, and also in that episode it is revealed that his and Idol's relationship was (partially) sexual.

On The Mosh, Idol, much to her excitement, reveals that Cameraman was fired for sexually harrassing Satan.