Choose Sides
Episode number 26
Season 1
Airdate November 4, 2012
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Choose Sides is the twenty-sixth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episodes, Metal and Idol split into teams, which members start to cause frustration in both teams.


In the opening scene, both Metal and Idol decide to divide the office in a playground-style draft, much to Intern 2's disliking because he's always picked last, as seen in a flashback on a basketball court with kids which ended him being picked last and having the kids telling him, "Shut up Intern 2!".

Metal, who has teamed up with Dubstep and Hip Hop from the previous episode, chosen Scene, The Guess Guy, Relay Runner, Intern 2’s chair and Scarfman, while Idol, who has Techno on her team, chosen Shaman, Satan, Big Foot, the guy who’s pulling Intern 2’s chair and, finally, Intern 2 (who originally was going on Metal's team, but when Intern 2 mentioned that he was picked before Scarfman, Metal changes his mind).

Because Metal's main focus is on production, he has his team members to brainstorm ideas for a new show. Hip Hop has mention to call it "Bootytown", in which Metal rejects, and then Dubstep gives an idea, in which Metal tells Scene put that idea as a maybe, despite Scene not understanding a single he's saying.

Meanwhile, Idol is trying to get her team to work, but the guy who pulled Intern 2's chair and Shaman, whom Idol angered, flipped her off and walked off the team. Idol, whose lacks the production background, gets angry at the cameraman, who is the director. She then asks Satan to do the production, but his main background in television were Millionair Matchmaker, Whitney, anything on the Oprah Network, Save by the Bell: The College Years and only two episodes of Lost, much to Idol's dismay. Idol then asks Satan to leave, in which he does. Idol then asks Intern 2 to help by spying on Metal's team by putting on some camouflage.

While still trying to come up with a new show, and with Intern 2 trying to hear what they're saying and no one notices him, Metal tells Hip Hop that they will still not going to do a show about booty. Hip Hop then decides to go solo, with Scene following saying she will do a show about booty. However, it's about Mainstream Pirate's Booty Snacks.

In frustration, Idol tells Techno and Intern 2 that she and the cameraman do not need them and both storm off. As a result, both Intern 2 and Techno are now a team. Also in frustration of uncreativity, Metal kicks both the Guess Guy and Relay Runner out, except Scarfman, whom Metal still have faith in.

At the end, with now four teams in the company, Intern 2 had enough team to make something he enjoyed: a flow chart.


In the cutaway, where Intern 2 is on the basketball court, all the kids are from Kids React.


CHOOSING SIDES - MyMusic Episode 26

CHOOSING SIDES - MyMusic Episode 26