Company Picnic
Episode number 30
Season 1
Airdate December 9, 2012
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"Truth and Lies" "New Staff?!"
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Company Picnic is the thirtieth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, the staff goes on a picnic together only to have a shocking ending.


Loco Uno plans a picnic for the MyMusic staff for a holiday that's hard to pronounce and spell, from where she is.  Rather, she calls it "Y Rthguad". Dubstep, who doesn't do well in the sun, has Techno rub sun lotion all over him.

At the picnic, Metal brought his wife Tina and daughter Rayna, Idol brught her dog, whom Idol named "I am a Human" because she loves to dress her up, and Dubstep brought his parents, who are apparently both sound amplifiers. Intern 2 would have brought his friend, Squirrel. However, the last time they were at a park, Squirrel was eaten by a hawk, much to Intern 2's sadness. Meanwhile, Scene explains that MyMusic is like a family to her because her parents are dead.

Whean eating Scene's egg salad, Tina suddenly goes crazy. Metal learns that Scene put avacado, her secret ingredient, in the egg salad. Metal explains when Tina was a metalhead, both Metal and Tina would go to a Mexican food truck that was open late after shows, in which the couple enjoyed the guacamole. And because avacado is an ingredient in guacamole, Tina went into a metalhead relapse.

At the end of the picnic, Loco presents everyone gifts that are in fact empty boxes for them to pack thei belongings because they are now fired. Loco claims that they're all posers. Metal asks about the evidence.

With Techno & Dubstep claiming they met in Japan, they were in fact working with Gwen Stefani as two extra harajuku girls, much to their embarrassments, as well as Dubstep's father disowning him. Idol, who always favor pop music, is considered to be a poser because she cannot stomach Daughtry's singing style. Metal is fired because, unlike the comman metalhead, he has a catchphrase, which is "Say what?" He denies this, but catches himself saying it over again.

For Hip Hop, Loco claims that she couldn't find anything on him. However, knowing what he is, the box she gave him is a cutout of Harry Potter. Hip Hop claims he doesn't know what it is, in which Loco, trying to reveal his true self, rips the head off, much to Hip Hop's sorrow.

Both Intern 2 and Scene are staying on because they are unpaid interns. Tina, still in her metlahead relapse, asks Indie that if he's rolling this over, in which he is, in much of everyone's dismay.


  • "Y Rthguad" is "Daughtry" spelled backwards.

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