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Idol (cousin)
 Country is the new addition to the cast of MyMusic and to the staff of the MyMusic company. She is played by Lee Newton.


She is the identical cousin of Idol and that is all that we know of her. She is completely like Idol and has the same interests. As they tend to sing a lot "identical cousins all the way". She actually helps Idol get on her on reality show. She gets hired on mymusic as social media expert, even though she knows nothing about the internet. She gets hired for not liking Intern #2.

She has volunteered to help out Idol at her work.


  • There is no such thing as identical cousins, yet she and Idol are stated throughout all their appearances together that they are just that.
  • She is Played by Lee Newton who also works on Sourcefed 
  • Country's description of her Guru getting hit by a vehicle after winning the lottery hints towards him being Earl from "My Name is Earl." tv show.