Daughtry is a rock band, formed by American Idol season 5 finalist Chris Daughtry in 2006. Since the episode Office Dates, it's stated by many of the MyMusic staff that that Daughtry is a horrible music act.

However in Cover Up, Hip Hop, passing as a street thug and is secretly a nerd, is a fan of Daughtry when Idol finds an MP Player with a playlist called "Daughtry Mega Mix", which almost gotten him fired, only to be saved by Intern 2, who knows his secret, by saying it's his and "accused" him of stealing it to sell for crack.

Because the MyMusic staffs' hatred towards him, Chris Daughtry sent Loco Uno to seduce Indie, who then makes her Vice President and owns half of MyMusic, have him drive the company into bankruptcy, fire the current employees by pointing out each flaw they have that considers them posers (both Intern 2 and Scene were kept on because they work for free. Hip Hop also stayed because Loco couldn't find anything wrong with him, only to have him to reveal he is a poser to save the others' jobs, but ends up having him to be taken by the Rat Protector), and have Indie sell the MyMusic company to Daughtry.

However, in The End?, thanks to Scene, who has been suspicious of Loco since she met her, she finds out about this and she claims because she has dyslexia. As a result, Indie determines to rebuild MyMusic and turns Loco into a giant rat, something he can do every ten years, in which the Rat Protector carries her off.

No statements of hatred towards Daughtry have been made in season 2. In the context of the story, it is likely that the staff have refrained from saying anything bad about Daughtry for fear of another attempt to destroy the company.