Diabolical Plan
Episode number 32
Season 1
Airdate December 23, 2012
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"New Staff?!" "Cops and Clues"
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Diabolical Plan is the thirty-second episode of MyMusic. In this episode, we learn that MyMusic is on the verge of bankruptcy and who Loco Uno really is.


The episode starts out at Metal and Tina's house where they thrash about after Tina's metalhead relapse after eating avocado laced potato salad in Company Picnic. Metal becomes happy when Tina became a metalhead again and doesn't know why he didn't let her eat avocados years ago. However, this enjoyment goes down hill when she also says that they need to make Indie pay for firing him, holding up a stereotype cartoon bomb. Rayna yells at them for annoyingly thrashing and not taking her to the mall, to which Tina replies by giving her the keys to the car, ignoring her lack of license, she immediately crashes the car and gets Whiplash. Meanwhile, Techno & Dubstep become dance beggars, Hip Hop is still trapped with the rats, and Idol is shown being so upset she can't do her makeup. All these end with the former staff doing the duck face.

Back at the office, Intern 2 informs Indie and Loco that no one paid the phone bill and the phone company cut the phone line. Loco says they don't need it as they live in a world of social media, E-Mailing and texting (seemingly forgetting all those are mainstream), however Intern 2 informs them that they also failed to pay the power, cable, gas, water and internet bills, as well as owing $7000 for driftwood office chairs.

At the end Scene, who has been looking for evidence on Loco, hides out in Indie's office painted as a wall. She finds Loco on the phone with an unknown party, revealing her intentions to destroy the company. After that she prepares for a Kelly Clarkson concert by wearing an "I Love you Kelly Clarkson" shirt. Over the end slate Intern 2 says that he doesn't mind the hipster staff, but since they arrived everything went downhill, also stating the channel may shut down, and he says to leave comments telling Loco that she's Loco (a rare joke.) for what she's doing.


  • Intern 2 says the company may go bankrupt, as per the warnings frequently given by the operator of Facebook page Save the MyMusic Office


DIABOLICAL PLAN - MyMusic Episode 32

DIABOLICAL PLAN - MyMusic Episode 32