Metal, determined to find a workspace, is disappointed with his new job.
Episode number 2
Season 1
Airdate April 22, 2012
Episode chronology
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"It Begins Again" "Invisible"
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Displaced is the second episode of MyMusic. This episode involves Metal requesting a new desk, but can't find the right deskmate to share it with. Meanwhile, Indie gives some family history. Say what?


The episode begins with Metal working in a tiny low-key desk under the main stairs, usually where Indie parks his bike. Metal tells Indie that he really needs a desk of his own, and Indie said it's next on his to-do list (actually, 2nd to next).

Indie then moves Metal next to Idol's desk to become deskmates. However, Metal quickly moves when hearing Idol sing a Linkin Park song horribly. We then go over to Indie, who tells us he wants nobody to call him "Mr. Indie"- that's actually Indie's dad's name. Metal then tries move with Hip Hop but he's too threatening to him. Indie goes back to family history, sharing ancestor moments: Mr. Mr. Indie rode the first fix gear, Indie's great-great grandfather told Abraham Lincoln to grow an ironic beard, and that his earliest ancestors were the first to come to America before everything "got all Thanksgiving mainstream".

Metal then moves over with Techno & Dubstep, but they can't stop partying all day and to them, life's one big dubstep party. Soon, we find Metal having an office in a bathroom stall, but Indie makes a compromise that he knows Metal is upset and he says he will fix this. He then replaces Intern 2's desk space next to Scene and gives it to Metal. Metal is upset he'll have to work with the interns, but Intern 2 points out there's a big cubicle nobody's using- but Metal believes that the pile of scarfs lying there has already gotten the cubicle. Idol nearby snickers at the thought of Metal thinking a pile of scarfs is a man, and posts it to Facebook. As Indie tells us more about his family, Metal is sitting next to him and is still complaining. He tells Indie to at least give the scarfs' desk to him, as Metal then ends the episode by sighing in sadness.


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Displaced (MyMusic Ep

Displaced (MyMusic Ep. 2)