Episode number 21
Season 2
Airdate January 7, 2014
Guest starring Lisa Schwartz as Tina
Paul Butcher as Straight Edge
Episode chronology
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"Fired" "Breaking Up?"
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Divorce?! Is the fifty-fifth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Intern 2 is having more free time, Scene struggles with her relationship with Straight Edge, Metal and Tina keep fighting while Rayna cannot get her mom's attention.


Because Intern 2 has been fired before his new job started, he has more free time to do stuff he loves (Looking at interesting trees, taking pictures of street parking notices, etc.).

Meanwhile, Straight Edge keeps trying to kiss Scene, who feels it's too soon for it. However, Straight Edge soon leaves, having Scene feels they had their first fight. She then goes to Techno & Dubstep for dating advice, thinking they're dating. However, they both reveal they're not, even though it seems like it.

Meanwhile, Metal and Tina keep fighting about Metal going on tour and Tina not having the baby fast enough. Because of this, Rayna feels that she wants to run away.