Duck Face
Idol showcasing her apparently "signature" duck face.
Episode number 4
Season 1
Airdate May 3, 2012
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"Invisible" "Don't Panic! at the Disco"
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Duck Face is the fourth episode of MyMusic. It follows Idol trying to get a perfectly normal picture of the employees instead of their zany selves so she can put it up on the internet.


Idol plans to update her fellow employees' social network photos- it might be fine with their type of community, but she wants a little bit of something for every type of person. Idol then recalls that she invented the duck face at her quinceara. Idol then tries to take a simple picture of Scene, but somehow it either turns into a crazy picture or a cartoon version of herself. Later, Metal and Intern 2 tape Scene in a video, but for some reason she starts crying. There's no real reason, except she cries everyday at 2 PM and has something to do with Tumblr. Meanwhile, Indie is becoming more and more mainstream. He is addicted to the Real Housewives shows and has seen The Hunger Games several times.

Idol tries to take a normal picture of Techno & Dubstep, but they are wearing masks and keep dancing. Idol considers taking a picture of stapler and saying it's them, and Techno actually thinks that's a good idea. Then, they rub a bracelet over and over Idol's hand, causing her to feel very confused. Meanwhile, Indie is getting Intern 2 to quiz him on how hipster he should be. Indie fails and yells at Intern 2, telling him to protect the rats (a reference to a joke used in It Begins Again). Idol then resorts to going to the watercooler and inserting lemons into it. She soon takes pictures of the employees making a duck face-like expression after they drink the sour lemonade, Including scarf man.


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DUCK FACE! (MyMusic Ep

DUCK FACE! (MyMusic Ep. 4)