Family Therapy
Episode number 15
Season 1
Airdate August 5, 2012
Guest starring Lia Marie Johnson as Rayna; Tobuscus as Satan; Lisbug as Tina
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"State of Shock" "Trolling and Jolting"
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Family Therapy is the fifteenth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, ROTFL:BRBTTYL:) is shooting a music video for their new dance craze, Metal's wife visits the studio while Rayna and Scene return, and Intern 2 becomes a therapist for Hip Hop.


While shooting the music video for their new dance craze, the "Jolt" (thanks to Metal from the previous week for being accidentally electricuted), ROTFL:BRBTTYL:) stops the shoot because they aren't in the groove. Soon, Metal' wife, Tina (Lisbug), visits, much to Metal's dismay. Being asked to leave, Tina reveals that she, as well as Rayna, brought cake, much to everyone's pleasure. When Scene question the crew, Metal smashes the cake on her, believing Tina and Rayna will leave. However, she brought an extra, resulting hoping that someone kill him now. When he asks Satan, Satan himself shows he also loves the cake. the crew then asks Metal to do the jolt again, but couldn't do quite right. However, they started to electricute him, including Rayna, who became an honorary member of the crew, with a lightning bolt (something she can do every ten years). Meanwhile, Hip Hop is now treating Intern 2 as his therapist, after revealing that he's a poser, much to Intern 2's displeasure and tells him everything what he secretly loves. At one point, when he said poser and Indie hears this, Hip Hop immediately shoots Intern 2 once again, then apologizes when Indie leaves. When Metal, ROTFL:BRBTTYL:) and Scene, who brought breast milk for the crew, were about to shoot the music video, Scene accidentally pressed pause, not realizing it was still recording. When learning this, Metal tops another cake onto her. Also, Metal gotten Rayna back with the lightning bolt by telling her that the crew promoted her to president of their street team, who then see alone in the street.


  • This is the first episode Idol doesn't appear in.
  • It is revealed that Rayna can throw a lightning bolt every 10 years.
  • Satan's one line in the episode is the most talked about on YouTube, because Satan's portrayer, Toby Turner, doesn't curse.


FAMILY THERAPY (MyMusic Episode 15)

FAMILY THERAPY (MyMusic Episode 15)