Finally Reunited
Episode number 1
Season 2
Airdate August 20, 2013
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"The End?" "Nerdophobia?"
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Finally Reunited is the first episode of the second season of the Fine Bros.'s show, MyMusic. It introduces to the new premises of the music company, MyMusic.

Plot Edit

The company has shifted to a new building, due to the fact that the old building burned down-again. MyMusic is on its feet, barely. However, it's prominent enough that the documentary crew is filming again. Idol shows us the office, and as she introduces Hip Hop, the viewer can see some sort of attraction between them. Indie has no idea that Techno & Dubstep have been raving all month, without booking anyone. Metal has no proper office-space and fears having to live with his family, who is driving him crazy.

Idol has her cousin Country visit her. She and her cousin are very much alike. Idol reveals to Country that she has become a workaholic and is told that Country will help her out.


  • This is the first time Country is introduced.
FINALLY REUNITED! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 1)

FINALLY REUNITED! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 1)