Episode number 20
Season 2
Airdate December 31, 2013
Guest starring Lisa Schwartz as Tina
Paul Butcher as Jeff Pookie
Jason Medwin as Crap Smear
Zeke Thomas as Gut Baby
Episode chronology
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"Family Breakdown" "Divorce?"
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Fired! is the fifty-forth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Intern 2 moves on from MyMusic and Metal keeps practicing with his band while getting phone calls from Tina.


At the beginning, Indie tells Intern 2 that he's fired, even though Intern 2 told him that he already quit few days ago. Thus, Intern 2 decides to pack up his things right away.

Meanwhile, Metal is at practice with his two bandmates, who are both arguing what song to practice. Tina then calls Metal questions why he will not be with her when the baby comes. When Tina's hormones kick in, Metal immediately hung up on her. Meanwhile, Rayna tries to get Tina's attention by saying she's pregnant, she's on math and she's having a heart attack, and they all to seem to fail because of Tina ignoring her.

When Intern 2 is about to leave, he Jeff by stating to not expect Indie to go easy on him and not to get a nickname anytime soon. However, Indies comes out of his office and decides to call Jeff, "Straight Edge" and is actually going easy on him. Intern 2, in annoyance, leaves.