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Flowcest is the cargo shipping of Flowchart  and his beloved flowcharts. This ship is considered canon due to Flowchart's very apparent flowchart fetish and is supported or at least acknowledged by almost all of the fandom.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Flowchart has a very apparent obsession and some may even say an infatuation with flowcharts because they bring structure to chaotic scenes. In some instances, he even treats them like an significant other, which is especially accented when he moans at the slightest mention of flowcharts. Flowcharts seem to be one of the few things that can make typically calm and reserved Flowchart more excitable and alive. There's no word yet on whether flowcharts feel the same way because they are inanimate objects that don't speak words.

Flowcest MomentsEdit

Season 1Edit

Choosing SidesEdit

  • Flowchart's face lights up instantly as he offers to make a flowchart a number of times to help Idol with production.
  • When everyone in the office breaks up into factions, Flowchart gleefully makes a flowchart, one of his favorite things in the world, to show the different groups split from Team Idol and Team Metal.


  • Flowchart starts off the episode by using his flowchart to show the new alliances and is quite irritated when Techno interrupts his time with the flowchart.
  • Flowchart refuses to dance with Christy Carlson Romano and Techno in favor of working on his flowchart.
  • After breaking up his group with Techno, Flowchart says he can't explain the situation as well as a flowchart can and says the flowcharts is going to be beautiful.

Return of the HipsterEdit

  • While everyone was scrambling to make a video before Indie got back, Flowchart said he had flowcharts to keep him company and practically moaned at the sight of the beautiful flowchart.
  • Flowchart performs The Flowchart Song that features a flowchart he made to talk about how everyone worked together to make a video before Indie got back to the office.
  • At the end of the song, Flowchart takes out a flowchart that sums up the day by teamwork pointing to success while staring at it fondly.

Company PicnicEdit

  • Flowchart brings his flowcharts to the picnic and even tries to feed it some food lovingly.

New Staff?!Edit

  • Flowchart made Loco a flowchart on how the company was going full on indie after the other staffers were fired.


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SONG - "F-F-F-FLOWCHARTS ARE THE BEST" by Intern 2 & Sam Tsui

SONG - "F-F-F-FLOWCHARTS ARE THE BEST" by Intern 2 & Sam Tsui