Episode number 6
Season 2
Airdate September 24, 2013
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"I Quit" "Saying Goodbye :("
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Ghosts is the fortieth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Indie is visited by three ghosts of Nerds Past, Present and Future, Idol finally meets DJ Elephant and Metal now has a new job in the work place.


The episode opens with Metal saying he will not returning to the poker table again, in which we see Relay Runner tied up, Rat Protector having rats attacking him, Scarfman is caught on fire and News Newsman has lost his hand while Satan is laughing at their misfortunes. As a result, he settled on adding to janitor to his resume, in which including trying to fix the company's bathroom toilet.

Meanwhile, Idol waits patiently for an interview with DJ Elephant. When DJ Elephant (whom Intern 2 states he looks familiar) arrives, Techno & Dubstep soon start a rave along with other ravers. When Idol tries to ask questions, the music is too loud for anyone to hear and Idol concludes she's becoming tired of P.L.U.R.

While this is going on, Indie becomes exhausted from working overtime after firing Hip Hop. When he falls asleep, he meets The Ghost of Nerds Past,  who tries to explain about the past history of nerds, in which Indie is in dismay that they're doing a Christmas Carol parody, stating it's totally played out and gets offended by the ghost who thinks Indie doesn't know how it goes, to which Indie points out he is in fact, Jewish, to which the ghost now feels awkward about it.

Soon Indie meets the Ghost of Nerds Present, who after years of wedgies, swirlies and swedgies (in which someone is being hang from their underwear while their heads is being dunked into a toilet), explains to Indie that today's nerds are finally getting the respect they're getting and nerdophobes like Indie are trying to keep nerds down and forcing nerds like Hip Hop into hiding, who denied himself who he is and states Indie is in denial of himself for not admitting he himself is a hipster.

Finally, when Indie meets the Ghost of Nerds Future, the ghost is Indie himself. The Ghost explains that even though nerd culture is now all the rage, it will not last like other popular trends. As a result, when it will push so far past mainstream, it will become ironic. The ghost also states Indie will one day work for Hip Hop and it's his choice for what will happen. After the ghost vanishes, Indie concludes he must kill Hip Hop.


GHOSTS!!! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 6)

GHOSTS!!! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 6)