Healing & Dealing
Episode number 15
Season 2
Airdate November 26, 2013
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"Challenges & Charity" "Someone Quits"
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Healing & Dealing is the forty-ninth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Country discovers a revelation about her injuries, Rayna continues her self denial about the birth the new baby and Scene continues to think whether or not to continue with MyMusic or school.


Country reveals that they made more than $10,000 for the MyMusic Education Charity Drive, in which Country gotten so excited, she accidentally hurt herself by clapping. Later on, after accidentally knocking some stuff off her desk, she cries on why accidents keep happening to her. Soon, both Techno & Dubstep revealed that they're the ones who caused her to break her arms, after hearing her crying and feel bad. They soon heal her from all her injuries (something they can do every ten years).

Meanwhile, Nerdcore decides to give cello lessons for free and not to cosplay for it. However, when he is about tell her this, he sees Rayna keeps the fact her parents are going to have another baby, to which she created a fruit version of Metal and keep calling him by his former name, "Hip Hop". Later on, Rayna calls Nerdcore by his new name and tells him that she must accept that she won't be the center of attention when the baby comes.

Meanwhile, Scene is struggling to whether to say with MyMusic or school. Soon, Jeff visits the company, stating a woman (so happened to be Country) called him, apologizes to her for trying to pressure her into dating him and asks to stay in school, not wanting to give up on her future. Scene still doesn't know what to do, Jeff let think about it. When Scene is about to tell the audience what she will do, she tells to wait until the next episode.


  • When Country said the MyMusic Education Charity Drive over $10,000, this is, in fact, true. It raised $12,869.
  • After Rayna tells Nerdcore that she now knows she won't be the center of attention as much, Nerdcore says, "And knowing is half the battle." This is a reference to the 1985-86 run of "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero", in which at the end of almost episode,  the Joe characters are doing a PSA announcement to children.When the children learn the lesson, they say "Now we know." To which the following Joe, or Joes, reply "And knowing is half the battle."