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Hipster Idol, was the former head of Social Media and Head of Design at MyMusic, she gets into power after Idol gets fired by her boss, Loco Uno. She is more of an opposite of Idol, since she doesn't really focus on her job of social media, she also has a serious attitude and it seems that she does not have the same backstory as Idol.


Hipster Idol likes to use sarcasm to hurt others, and she doesn't have the same fashion style to her mainstream counterpart. She and the other staff have a extreme addiction to Driftwood Sleeves. Regrettably, she doesn't really mind if she gets fired or if anything negative is spoken to her, since she is rather serious about everything, including "Backlash," she only minds about what she has accomplished. Her personalty is quite similar to Indie's for she does not like things to become too mainstream, and she also has an interest to wear glasses. She is more keen and nicer to other people of her class rather than others, for she was being mean to Idol and rather nice to Hipsters.

Season 1Edit

Serious and obbesive with driftwood sleeves, Hipster Idol made her debut in the episode New Staff?!. She first appeared near the end of the episode when the replacements and herself arrived at MyMusic. She also made her first diologue when she engaged Idol in conversation, after first seeing each other. Throughout the last few episodes she continues to talk about driftwood sleeves, and backlash. This eventually becomes mainstream as every staff member (except Indie, Loco, Intern 2 and Scene) starts talking about backlash.

In the Finale of the first season, Hipster Idol and the rest of the staff eventually got fired, due to the lack of work she was doing for the company. She was also being very unhelpful, as the only thing she'd talk about would be driftwood and backlash. When she gets fired, she is not so dissapointed, as all she wanted to keep was her home-made driftwood sleeves.


  • Hipster Idol is played by a YouTuber named iJustine who is a friend of the creators and has apperared in their other projects.
  • She does not have a special power or abilty like her opposite, Idol.
  • She is one of the two hipster replacements whom do not wear Hipster Scarfs like the others.
  • Her Personality on The Mosh isn't so serious than in the Web Series.
  • She doesnt like the singer P!nk.