Hot and Cold
Episode number 3
Season 2
Airdate September 3, 2013
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"Nerdophobia?" "Raver Madness"
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Hot and Cold is the thirty-seventh episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Indie is still ignoring Hip Hop after Hip Hop came out as a nerd, Idol continues to clash with both Techno & Dubstep, and Metal gets becomes frustrated with all the jobs Indie is giving him.


Now that MyMusic switched from production to the blog, Metal tries to take The Mosh as long as possible, mainly after shooting, Indie would give him horrible jobs, just as filling in for Rat Protector, who is going on vacation, and cleaning up after Big Foot. He once again complain to Indie about. Indie then decides to give him another option to join a poker game, alongside with Relay Runner, Satan and News Newsman, to which Metal gladly excepts.

Meanwhile, Idol finally confronts both Techno & Dubstep about the noisy music from their office, which is right next to her desk, and call the music they're listening to crap. However, it turns out they were listening to DJ Elephant, who is considered to be one of the biggest musicians in the world, to which Idol realizes she didn't recognize. By the end of the day, Idol asks if she can go with them to a rave they're going to, much to Country's dismay.

Also, Ever since coming out as a nerd, Indie keeps ignoring Hip Hop, who is still working in a freezing cold closet. When Intern 2 realizes where Hip Hop is working, he asks Indie if he can bring some warm clothing to him. Indie then gives Intern 2 a box of clothes, who gives Indie a questionable look. It turns out the box is full of Hip Hop's old clothes, thus trying to revert him back into his old ways.


HOT AND COLD! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 3)

HOT AND COLD! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 3)