I Quit
Episode number 5
Season 2
Airdate September 17, 2013
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"Raver Madness" "Ghosts"
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I Quit is the thirtieth-ninth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Intern 2 talks to Scene about trying to get her back in school, Idol gets good news about a future podcast and Hip Hop struggles with identity.


In the show, while Intern 2 tries to convince Scene into finding a way to get back to school, both Techno & Dubstep drag a tired out Idol into the office, who raved too hard at Technicolor Sunflower Freakout. However thanks to Country, Idol is brought back to her old self. As a plus for her, Techno & Dubstep booked DJ Elephant on a future podcast show.

Meanwhile, Hip Hop struggles with his identity crisis. His family tells him to be true to himself and not to live as a stereotype, even though they are eating food that stereotypically, a black person would eat. Also, both his shoulder angel and shoulder devil try to convince him what's best. However, instead of the Shoulder Devil winning, it's the Angel who becomes the victor by killing him with kindness. And again, just like in State of Shock, Satan was too late to convince Hip Hop to do an evil act.

Hip Hop then goes to Indie's office and stand up to him by saying he's not going be Hip Hop anymore and then shed his clothes into his "nerd" outfit. When Indie tells him to go back into the closest to work, Hip Hop decides not to and quits, much to Indie's shock.


I QUIT!!! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 5)

I QUIT!!! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 5)