Idolene is the friendship/romantic pairing of Idol and Scene. These two became especially close during Scene's identity crisis leading the ship to gain some popularity even if it's just in friendship.


In It Begins Again, Idol suggests that Scene should host the company's music news show displaying her confidence in Scene. Also, Scene trusts Idol enough to ask her for advice on to get Indie to like her in Dual Mysteries. Later in the season during Scene's identity crisis in Multiple Personalites?, Idol influenced an emotionless Scene to become Idol-like Scene who wore pink dresses and sang mainstream songs like Firework. When Techno & Dubstep made Scene a raver in New Intern?, Idol was upset and possibly jealous wanting Scene back. Scene has been shown to care about Idol when she was sad Idol and the other staffers were fired from MyMusic in Company Picnic and is overjoyed when she comes back in the season finale. Also when Idol has an emotional goodbye leaving MyMusic for her own reality dating show in Saying Goodbye :(, they both seem like they will miss each other a great deal. it's hard to tell where their relationship and friendship will go with Idol leaving the company, but Scene and Idol appear to be on good terms still on social media.

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