Introducing Indol
Indol is the romantic pairing of Indie and Idol.This ship is not too popular due to Scindie, but quite a few Scentern 2 shippers ship it too. It is very unlikely that this relationship will happen anytime soon due to their current distaste for each other. 


Idol and Indie tend to have a love-hate relationship since they always clash over types of music and trends but still work together decently. This relationship would be opposites attracting since Idol is the posterchild for everything mainstream while Indie is total hipster who despises all things mainstream. In the episode Dual Mysteries, Indie inadvertently says "I love you" to Idol when Idol uses her power to rewind time once every ten years. On twitter, Indie even mentioned his missed Idol the most because she worked the hardest after all the staffers came back to the office. 


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