Gorgol (left) makes her debut as the gothic cousin of Indie.
Episode number 3
Season 1
Airdate April 29, 2012
Guest starring Felicia Day as Gorgol; Tobuscus as Satan
Episode chronology
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"Displaced" "Duck Face"
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Invisible is the third episode of MyMusic. It involves Indie's cousin Gorgol, a metal phenomon who comes over to check out the company. Metal, a huge fan, fails at impressing her.


Indie starts the episode off by listening to black metal, usually unusual for him. However, he explains it's his cousin Gorgol, a Norwegian metal phenomon who is touring the U.S. and decided to visit the company. Indie says his Culkin level might be around Macaulay, though.

Metal is yet complaining about not having a desk. He feels like nobody knows he is there, feeling invisible (hence the episode's name). Gorgol then enters, as Scene fears that she is a troll. Indie and Gorgol have a short conversation before Indie lets Gorgol meet the staff. Meanwhile, Metal, a big fan of Gorgol, is nervous about meeting her and practicing talking to her. Indie introduces Gorgol to Idol, who is psyched that Gorgol gives her a black rose, then singing "Every Rose Has its Thorn". Indie tells Gorgol that Idol ruins everything and that she has no idea about metal music. Soon, Gorgol meets Techno & Dubstep, who all squeeze together to get a group picture with Satan, who soon appears. It seems as if Gorgol has been a good influence on every employee in the workplace so far.

Soon, Metal yet again tries to impress Gorgol- this time, by streaking through the office. However, everyone makes fun of him, even Gorgol, calling him hilarious. However, she does sign her autograph on his chest, and Metal is psyched. Soon, Gorgol and Indie say goodbye, but Indie makes a fool of himself when he is unintentionally wearing comfortable fitting pants.


  • On Indie's list of "Things Idol Has Ruined for Me" includes, in order, Foster the People, Vampire Weekend, MGMT (management), Jeff Buckley before he recorded Cager, Kings, Food Network Mark Covers, Crocodile Mile, Crossfire, Bubble Tape, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Bon Iver, Virgin America Airlines, and Urban Outfitters.


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INVISIBLE! (MyMusic Ep. 3)