It Begins Again
Indie (center) is less than thrilled with his co-workers Scene and Idol.
Episode number 1
Season 1
Airdate April 15, 2012
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It Begins Again is the first episode of MyMusic (show). It follows the arrival of new employee Metal and discusses the way things will be shaped on the new YouTube channel that the company has created.


The episode begins with Indie giving us a little history on MyMusic- claiming the industry started small, just showing music for small "indie bands"- until he hired Idol, who decided to direct the company to the mainstream. We then meet Techno & Dubstep, who were hired to design the company's website, until it unfortunately closed down. Shortly after we meet Hip Hop, the head of marketing for the MyMusic company. Following this, Indie explains that Idol helped him out with the re-birth of MyMusic: a channel on YouTube. Scene then explains that Indie makes all employees go by nicknames based on what kind of music they enjoy, leaving Intern 2 with no nickname due to the fact that he finds little interest in music. Soon, we see Indie mistreating Intern 2, as Intern 2 is used a leg holder. Despite being used as furniture, he points out he could have a worse job, for instance a rat protector.

New employee Metal arrives, thinking Scene is an emo (which becomes a running gag in the show). Indie soons meets his new employee, pointing out that he is late, but Metal claims he was only late because he needed to sign papers and contracts allowing him to be on camera. Indie then shows Metal his Culkin Method, which, by the actor's career headed, you are either, Rory, Keiran, or Macaulay (the worst).

Soon, the fire alarm rings, and Metal freaks out, telling everyone to run for their lives- however, he doesn't realize that's just the meeting signal, and that there will never be a fire, so there's no fire alarm....however, the place soon bursts into flames. Later, Indie calls a meeting, saying he got rid of the fire alarm completely to avoid any future confusion- instead he got a fire owl. However, everyone misunderstands the owl and a 2nd fire takes place.

Back in the meeting room again, Metal is named head of production, but is dismayed that Scene is his production assistant, due to her outlandish behavior. Indie is already planning things to draw in customers on the YouTube channel, like picking a host for the news segment, MyMusic News. Idol points out that Indie is not in touch with music, but rather Scene is, and she is declared host of the show, with Metal now being treated unfairly.

Indie is extremely pleased with all of the new changes and popularity of MyMusic, reminding viewers to remember to subscribe.


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MyMusic It Begins Again (Episode 1)

MyMusic It Begins Again (Episode 1)