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Loco Uno, (played by Vanessa Lengies) appeared in Episode #28 (Return of the Hipster) when Indie announced he had brought back a girlfriend. She then proceeded in the following episodes to become the extreme dictator of the MyMusic company and promptly fired 4 members of the staff, replacing them with their Hipster Counterparts. At some point during her stay, she gained 50% of the control of the company However, she was actually a poser, plotting to drive My Music into bankruptcy and force Indie into selling it to Chris Daughtry. However, her plan unravelled and ultimately failed when she quoted a Daughtry quote, and Scene, who has been thrown into the rat basement earlier, gives more evidence of her plot. She was then turned into a rat by Indie and the Rat Protector took her away.


  • Loco Uno is most likely a parody of Yoko Ono who presumably caused The Beatles to split
  • Vanessa Lengies is famous for her role as Sugar on Glee
  • Loco Uno's name translates to "Crazy one" in Spanish.
  • Loco Uno has a maniacal laugh which is how she actually laughs.