The building.

MyMusic is the main company of where all the main characters work at and where the majority of the show is taped at.


Jeb Indie, a non-confirmist hipster, founded MyMusic as a small blog covering indie artists, but eventually expanded to become a new way to introduce music to the next generation. But to expose indie music to masses, Indie was forced to bring in Idol, a social media guru, who created, a social networking site for the company, in 2009. Later that year, Techno & Dubstep were brought on as talent bookers, allowing the company to grow until SpaceBook shut down. Fortunately, Idol managed to hook MyMusic up with a Youtube channel (much to Indie's chargin for it being too mainstream), and formed a full-fledged transmedia production company with Hip Hop, the head of marketing for MyMusic, centered in the central Los Angeles area.


  • Metal- Head of Production