Hidol two
Nerdol is the friendship/romantic pairing of Nerdcore and Idol. While not shown too much in the show together, a bunch of people have begun to ship these two office buddies.


From the beginning of the show, Nerdcore and Idol seemed to be on good terms while not really interacting to much. Sometimes Nerdcore would get pretty annoyed by Idol's singing considering the fact their offices are right next to each other. While Nerdcore was still trying to keep his gangsta' cover, Idol was very upset when she thought he was a poser which showed she really cares. Also, Nerdcore sacrificed himself by revealing he was a poser in an attmept to let Idol and the other staffers keep their jobs. When finding out about Nerdcore's true nerdy nature, Idol was pretty supportive especially on Twitter saying she still loved him anyway after they were all fired, and Nerdcore was with the rats. Many fans hope to see more of this relationship explored in the future especially in Season Two.

Their hopes seem to be justified as the first episode of Season Two shows the two having awkward sexual tension or at least an attraction to each other.

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