Episode number 2
Season 2
Airdate August 27, 2013
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"Finally Reunited" "Hot and Cold"
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Nerdophobia? is the 36th episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Hip Hop is starting to become more comfortable about being himself around the office, Idol is becoming more annoyed by Techno & Dubstep's constant music playing, and Metal is still complaining about not having a desk...again.


The episode begins with Country's audition tape, similar to Idol's audition tape from Secret Lives. Both she and Idol explain that their family is all about audition tapes and Idol considers Country her "idol."

Idol tries to work, not from her desk, but in the recording studio, due to the fact her desk right next to Techno & Dubstep's office, in which both constantly playing music. However, this doesn't work because the music reaches to the location. She then tried at the confession spot, but that doesn't work either.

Meanwhile, Hip Hop has become more comfortable for being himself rather than a poser. To which, surprisingly, proves to be positive when it showed that he's getting along better with his other co-workers. He Metal fantasize about swordfighting; talking to both Techno & Dubstep about Battle Royale; and immediately connecting with Scene with there love of anime. However, unknownst to Indie, but only towards Intern 2, since he was the first to know Hip Hop's secret of being a poser, Hip Hop is thinking of changing his name. But doesn't bring it up yet because ever since coming out as a nerd, Indie has become agitated. Intern tries to encourage to talk to him because both Hip Hop has always been the main employee Indie been closest too. However, when Metal complains about not a work space, he gives Metal Hip Hop's space. and tells Intern 2 to burn his stuff. Hip Hop cannot believe it, until Indie says, "Shut up, Hip Hop!"


NERDOPHOBIA? (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 2)

NERDOPHOBIA? (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 2)