New Boss?
Episode number 24
Season 1
Airdate October 21, 2012
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"You're Fired" "Breaking Up :("
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New Boss? is the twenty-forth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Indie would away on a trip, so he must choose who will be in charge.


In the meeting room, Indie announces that MyMusic is now profitable. Because of this, Indie decides to spend some of that extra money into a paid vacation for himself to the International Fixture Expos and Vegan Chili Cook-Off, in which would be held in a country called Trebekiguay. Because he's the only one going, this upsets Scene, who still has a crush on him.

Originally, Indie put Hip Hop in charge. However, Hip Hop passes the opportunity by giving Indie a "doctor's note." But, both Metal and Idol try to jump to take the position. Idol ants the position because she consider to be born to do and she looks good on camera while several weeks before, Metal had locked her and the other employees up to take over the company to get work down and when Indie was in a deep funk. But Metal believes he can do it because he can multi-task. Because of this, both try to prove to him why they're perfect; Idol made a video presentation about herself, only to accidentally to grab her audition tape, while Metal shows that he can multi-task by rolling the camera, do sound and cut meat at the same time

At one point, Techno asked Dubstep if she might be able compete for the position as well. But Dubstep laughs at the idea before realizing she was being serious.

Meanwhile, when it seems that the bag Intern 2 is having trouble packing Indie's bag, even though Indie asks to pack lightly, it turns Scene was in it because she wants to go with him.

Knowing that that choosing is hard, Indie decides to throw a dart who will be in charge. However, instead throwing a dart at a picture of the employees on a dart, he literally throws it from the second floor at them when they're on the ground on the first floor. When he does, it hits Idol, who then starts to lose a lot of blood. Before he leaves, Indie asks her to think of a new show before he comes back.


NEW BOSS?! (MyMusic Episode 24)-0

NEW BOSS?! (MyMusic Episode 24)-0