New Intern?
Episode number 22
Season 1
Airdate September 30, 2012
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"Multiple Personalities?" "You're Fired"
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New Intern? is the twenty-second episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, many of the employees started to take advantage of getting Scene into different personalities that relates to them, Rayna's position for the company starts to go to her head and Indie starts to look for a new intern to boss around.


Now that Indie considers Intern 2 as a friend and Scene "has gone in the deep end", he must now look for an intern he can abuse. However, with many interns under assume music nicknames, none of them are impressive to Indie. But then he hires what he considers the perfect intern who doesn't mind to take abuse, especially the physical nature, in which Indie nicknamed, Punk.

During the shooting for MyMusic News, Metal starts noticing that Rayna's new found fame starts to make her more of a diva, to which she hires a man named Talese as her stylist/nutrionist/astrologist. Because of Rayna's new attitude, Metal starts to realize that he need Scene back.

Meanwhile, Idol, who is enjoying taking advantage of Scene's multi-personality change, soon realizes Techno & Dubstep and Hip Hop start to the same thing, much to Idol's disappointment.

At the end, while Indie is in his office, Scene soon enters, who is now dress and talk like him, to much of Indie's surprise.


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NEW INTERN? (MyMusic Episode 22)-0