New Staff?
Episode number 31
Season 1
Airdate December 16, 2012
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"Company Picnic" "Diabolical Plan"
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New Staff? is the thirty-first episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, the fired employees begin to pack their belongings and are soon replaced.


Spending their last day at MyMusic, each fired employee are dealing it with their won way: Techno & Dubstep dance, Idol sings and Metal punches people in their faces.

Meanwhile, Hip Hop is going through a guilt trip because he himself is a poser and hasn't been fired. He compares his guilt the same as "Peter Park after Uncle Ben dies."

Indie and Loco Uno hold a meeting with the remaining staff. Loco, who has been named Vice President of MyMusic, tells everyone that all shows will be more indies, which means MyMusic News that Scene hosts will change dramatically. Plus, they are no longer in business in making money. Intern 2 says that's not what business is about, in which both Loco and Indie shouts at him, "Shut up Intern 2!"

Soon, Idol, Metal, Techno and Dubstep walk in and say goodbye to everyone, including Indie, who then show a rare affection towards any current or past employees, only to be told by Loco to play dead, in which he does. Metal tells Hip Hop, "I'll miss you. You're the only non-poser amongst us." After that being said, Hip Hop's now current guilt level is "White person."

Cannot taking the guilt anymore and wants to save everyone's jobs, Hip Hop announces to everyone that he is in fact a poser, such as playing the celio, doesn't prefer large butts to small butts, harbors a hatred towards movie character Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace than "that white manager who broke up NWA." As soon as Hip Hop breaks into a showtune parody number, Indie calls upon the Rat Protector to take Hip Hop away. The ex-staff members then meet their replacements, who are in fact their hipster counterparts.


  • The song Hip Hop was singing is a parody of "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" from the Tony Award winning Broadway show, "Avenue Q".
  • The hipster counterparts are played by YouTubers Shaycarl (Hipster Metal), Hannah Hart (Hipster Techno), Benny Fine (Hipster Dubstep) and iJustine (Hipster Idol).


NEW STAFF?! - MyMusic Episode 31

NEW STAFF?! - MyMusic Episode 31