Office Dates
Idol is desperate for love.
Episode number 9
Season 1
Airdate June 17, 2012
Guest starring Shane Dawson (Chip)
Lia Marie Johnson (Rayna)
Episode chronology
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"Dual Mysteries" "Single Ladies"
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Office Dates is the ninth episode of MyMusic. It revolves around Idol searching for a guy to date in the office, thus creating "office dates". Meanwhile, Metal believes Rayna and Intern 2 are dating.


Idol notices that ever since she graduated from college, she really hasn't been focusing on relationships. She has now figured out how to work and have a relationship: "office dates", where she brings guys on dates into the office. Her first date doesn't turn out so good, which is a guy who keeps saying "Guess?" over and over, who recalls a tale about logo testing at Mainstream Burger. Meanwhile, Metal finds out Rayna is using lip gloss but Rayna lies to him that she and Intern 2 are dating, leading to Metal pummeling him. Idol has the brilliant idea to live tweet her next date. This guy, a suave fancy man, seems like to perfect one for her before a CD labeled "Daughtry Mega Mix" falls out of his jacket. Idol, the biggest American Idol fan, even knows Daughtry sucks and yells at him to leave. Idol now feels as if she is being too picky with her dates, but most of her co-workers agree that Daughtry sucks- except the Guess Guy. Soon, she is crying about her dates until a Mainstream deliveryman with a nametag labeled Chip on it comes along to pick up Idol's audition tape. Idol seems to be very excited about Chip and asks him out on a date and he responds with a quiet "Yes.........?" The video ends with Intern 2 stuffed in a trash can and Metal and his daugher leaving.


OFFICE DATES! (MyMusic Episode 9)

OFFICE DATES! (MyMusic Episode 9)