One Must Die
Episode number 19
Season 1
Airdate September 9, 2012
Guest starring Akima as Shaman
Benny Fine as Anonymous 1
Rafi Fine as Weird Al
Kerri-Anne Lavin as Xtina
Episode chronology
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"The End?" "The Funeral"
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One Must Die is the nineteenth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, after Scene says 4chan's name for the taping MyMusic Live, she is now must face the wrath of the group.


After Hip Hop made his speech to save Intern 2's job from last week, Indie decides to be much more nicer towards, in which makes him feel awkward and makes Intern 2, Scene and Metal confused on what he's doing. Meanwhile, Techno & Dubstep gotten Xtina as a celebrity guest on MyMusic Live. However, she soon runs out and immediately tweet out to everyone to stay away from MyMusic, in which many other celebrity line-ups did. Viewing the taping, Scene says 4chan on camera, a community so secretive, they would retaliate to anyone who mention their name, to which Hip Hop soon slowly walks off in fear and with Satan even fleeing in fear. Indie doesn't believe 4chan will attack, but they soon appear on their television monitor asking for Scene as a sacrifice. When Indie refuses by replying, "There is no way I'm letting you to take away my free slave labor." In response, The group starts playing Daughtry, to much of the staff's annoyance. Indie soon agrees to let them take Scene.


  • Xtina is parody of Christina Aguilera, whose nickname is Xtina.


ONE WILL DIE!!! (MyMusic Episode 19)-0

ONE WILL DIE!!! (MyMusic Episode 19)-0