Party Time
Everyone, except Intern 2, celebrate for the success of The Jolt.
Episode number 18
Season 1
Airdate August 26, 2012
Guest starring Steve Greene as News Newsman

Lisbug as Tina

Lia Marie Johnson as Rayna

Bryson Keyer as Lenny

Episode chronology
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"Cover Up" "One Will Die"
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Party Time is the eighteenth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, the Jolt dance video makes headline news with controversy, in which the entire MyMusic staff, except Intern 2 , decide to celebrate.


The entire MyMusic staff watch the news about the Jolt making it to the news when several children, including a young boy named Leonard who might suffer from permant nerve damage, start electricuting themselves by doing the stuff the video is saying. Instead of being disgusted with themselves, the staff decide to celebrate. However, Intern 2, who opposed to the video since the previous week because of the context in the video is saying, is opposed to it. But they have the party anyway. Not enjoying himself, Intern 2 decide to take a stand. But when Leonard, who is wrapped in bandages, is invited as a honored guest, he suggests to fire Intern 2, with everyone agrees. Indie, who normally doesn't agree with the majority, decides to do so. However, Hip Hop stands up for him and convinces Indie to not fire him, in which Intern 2 thanks him. Meanwhile, Indie decide to have fun for one night, by hinting that he's aware of Scene 's advances towards him by swaying, not dancing with her.


PARTY TIME! (MyMusic Episode 18)-0

PARTY TIME! (MyMusic Episode 18)-0