Punk, is a laid back, doesn't follow the rules-kind of guy and was a new intern for a short period of time at the company of MyMusic.


Not much is known about Punk's background, except for the fact that he doesn't enjoy being told what to do and rejects the "man's" idea about rules. 

Bio (Season 1)Edit

Punk first appears in NEW INTERN? at an interview for an available internship due to Scene going insane and Intern 2 and Indie becoming friends. Indie needed someone new to boss around and after going through several people and rejecting all of them, Punk walks in, apologizing for being late because he was hit by a car. Indie asks him a few questions and after learning they have some things in common and that Punk can handle physical as well as mental pain, Indie decides to hire him and smacks him over the head with a beer bottle. 

Later, it is revealed that Rayna and him have started a band and want Metal to record a song they've written. Metal is outraged by this and doesn't want to be pushed around until Indie enters and demands that he record their song. As the recording starts, Punk goes off repeating similar lyrics about hating his boss and how capitalism is a lie until the end of the song where he drops the microphone in defiance. This makes Intern 2 mad, which leads him to go to Indie and turn things back to the way they were, before the two became friends. 

Indie, being able to boss around Intern 2 again, goes back to Punk and tells him he is fired, although this doesn't upset him as he claims he has another job, although Indie says that begging for change outside of the mall isn't a real job. After walking out of the room, Rayna, who was also fired, chases after him and asks him to stop for her, although he continues walking; saying that he waits for no one and exits the company. This is his final appearance. 


  • He is portrayed by Mitchell Davis. 
  • He likes telling people music sounds better on vinyl. 
  • In the confessional, he rejects the idea of confessing things and knocks himself out with a beer bottle to the head.