Saying Goodbye :(
Episode number 7
Season 2
Airdate October 1, 2013
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"Ghosts" "Origins"
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Saying Goodbye :( is the forty-first episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Indie tricks Hip Hop into coming back to the company and Country reveals surprising news to Idol.


The episode starts off with Metal cleaning up the confetti from the rave. Unfortunately, he also finds News Newsman's hand in the process.

Later, Hip Hop returns because he was called to come over, dressed as Ned Stark from Game of Thrones. Indie reveals he contacted him. He then grabs Hip Hop's sword and have both News Newsman and Viking hold him down. Looking as though Indie is going to behead Hip Hop, it turns out he decides to rehire him back to the company and rename him from Hip-Hop to Nerdcore.

Meanwhile, thinking she will finally get to interview with DJ Elephant in the breakroom, both Techno & Dubstep reveal to Idol that they overheard her disrespecting DJ Elephant. Now sad about failing to interview him and the fact she ignored her cousin, Country, all this time, both finally decide to talk to each other. As it turns out, Country has gotten Idol a gig to star in her own reality show, much to Idol's shock. Hesitant at first, Idol decides to take the offer.

Soon Idol tells everyone about it, much to their surprise. Indie, as much as he tries to hide his emotions, is sad that she's leaving, as well as the other employees. Indie asks who will run social media, Country says she will, despite having a lack of knowledge of it. However, Country convinces Indie to hire her by saying she hates Intern 2. The final scene shows Idol saying goodbye to the audience and thanking them.


SAYING GOODBYE ( (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 7)

SAYING GOODBYE ( (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 7)