Secret Lives
Metal introduces his daughter, Rayna.
Episode number 7
Season 1
Airdate June 3, 2012
Guest starring Lia Marie Johnson (Rayna)
Episode chronology
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"Back in Black" "Dual Mysteries"
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Secret Lives is the seventh episode of MyMusic. It involves some strange happenings around the workplace, including Metal's now-introduced daughter, Rayna. Meanwhile, we watch Idol's embarassing TV audition tape.


We introduce the episode by seeing Idol's audition tape if she ever gets hired for an acting job, thinking she'll become famous after appearing on the documentary of MyMusic. She says in the tape she's available for singing shows, auction shows, survival shows (where she drinks a bottle labeled "My Pee", then remarking "I'm alive!") and some shows Idol's made up just to be safe, like "Cancer Dancers". Later, Indie calls a meeting following some strange workplace happenings, just as Metal wakes up an angry Techno. Indie asks the Techno and Dubstep if they know anything about the door being unlocked and glitter in the doorstep. They make up an excuse, as Indie takes the situation seriously, declaring there's a mystery to be solved. Scene gladly volunteers to help. Idol soon learns Indie is the only one who can say "Shut up, Intern 2" after a smart remark from Intern 2. Second thing: there's a teenager outside. Metal rushes in embarassment, soon we realize that Metal is dating a girl far too young for him. Everyone rushes to seem like they were not just eavesdropping into a relationship fight, as Metal soon arrives to introduce her to his employees. Everyone soon shockingly hears that the supposed girlfriend is really Metal's young daughter. Idol soon posts the shock online, ending the episode.



SECRET LIVES (MyMusic Ep. 7)