Shut up Intern 2! is a line on MyMusic (show). The line usually is used when Intern 2 points the obvious in a conversation, or when considered by others as cramping their style. The line is mainly used by Indie, who shows that he has a strong hatred towards him.

However, once in a while, others would also say it. They then are told to shut up by Indie, admonishing them,"Only I get to use that phrase to Intern 2'!" This has happened to Idol in Season One.

But recently, ever since Hip Hop has revealed his nerdy side, Indie has been saying the same thing to Hip Hop:"Shut up, Hip Hop!". This was first seen in Season 2 Episode 2 (Nerdophobia).

After Straight Edge's true colors were revealed, some fans have taken to using the phrase "Shut up, Straight Edge!" on his social media accounts.

In a reasent pod cast, due to Intern 2's new nick name Metal came up with the new phrase 'Eat a fart Flowchart.'