Sleep Working?!
Episode number 10
Season 2
Airdate October 22, 2013
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"Team Building" "I Can't See"
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Sleep Working?! is the forty-fourth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode the employees continue to argue, Scene is still going to school and Intern 2 reveals he suffers from a rare disorder.


As the episode begins, Intern 2 is awoken by Indie when he tells him to get back to work. Ever since Scene has gone back to school, Intern 2's work doubled, as a result of him sleeping on the job. reveals he suffers a condition called "sleep working," in which if he does too much work, he falls asleep. As a result, his subconscious takes over, resulting of him having dreams of completely other types of work.Strangely, this makes him draw hand turkeys like a 5-year-old while still asleep.

Meanwhile, Scene reveals that the reason she's taking music classes because she wants to impress Indie with music knowledge. However, it seems that her feelings, unbeknownst to her, aren't towards Indie, but towards her classmate, Jeff.

Back at the office, because Indie's team building exercises failed and many of the employees are arguing amongst each other, he calls on a team building expert named Nancy Spackman. hen she comes across the arguing employees, she soon realizes sit will be a challenge.