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Straight edge
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Jeff Pookie
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Straight Edge
Intern at MyMusic
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Scene (ex-girlfriend/ex-avatar fiancee)

Straight Edge (real name Jeff Pookie) is a character on the show, first appearing in season 2, and the episode Origins. He appears to be a love interest for Scene. In Someone Quits Indie decides to be good with Scene, and let her stay in school and in MyMusic, also allowing her to be Jeff's girlfriend. In the Season 2 episode Family Breakdown he is a new intern for MyMusic, replacing Intern 2. In Fired, Indie gives him the nickname "Straight Edge". There seemed to have been some tension forming between the couple, due to Scene not feeling ready to kiss. Despite this, in Breaking Up?, Jeff proposes that Scene's avatar marry his, which she accepts. In The Wedding & the Baby, we find out Jeff is not the guy we think he is. His avatar MCR cheated on Scene's avatar Smooch, and did various other bad things. Later that episode, he kisses Scene against her will, she breaks up with him and he leaves, but in the mosh he says he still works there, meaning he'll be in season 3