Intern 2 and Techno mosh
Techchart is the romantic shipping of Techno and Flowchart . Many people who ship Dubscene ship this since it compliments it, but many just see it as a temporary friendship. Like Dubscene, it has little chance of happening due to Techstep .


At the end of the episode Choosing SidesIntern 2 and Techno form one of the small alliances in the divided MyMusic office. They even appear together in an episode of The Mosh that week. Techno seems to use Intern 2 as a Dubstep replacement and tries to get Intern 2 to rave while he just wants to focus on his flowcharts so he distracts her with glowsticks. Even though their partnership ended on somewhat bad terms in Sabotage because of Satan, Techno is now a little nicer to Intern 2 than she and the other staffers were before.

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