Some of the people appearing on MyMusic have special powers, but they can only use them once every ten years. The format is:

"I can [insert power description] once every ten years. Huh, I probably shouldn't of wasted that."

  • Rayna can throw a giant lightning bolt.
    • Used to keep Metal spazzing (or jolting, as the music video about it implies) in Season 1, Episode 14 (State of Shock)
  • Idol can freeze and rewind time.
    • Used when Indie was going to fire her in Season 1, Episode 8 (Dual Mysteries!!!)
  • Indie can turn people into human-like rats.
    • Used on Loco Uno when she revealed she was working for Daughtry in Season 1, Episode 34 (The End?!)
  • Techno & Dubstep can heal people with their PLUR bracelets.
    • Used on Country to heal her bones in Season 2, Episode 15 (Dealing & Healing)
  • Tina's pregnant belly can show flashbacks.
    • Used to mend the broken family in Season 2, Episode 21 (Divorce?!)
    • It was later revealed she lied about it, and it was actually the flashback camera.


  • Some of the episode names are wrong. The event might've appeared in another episode. Please correct each one.