The Fine Brothers. From L-R: Rafi Fine and Benny Fine.

The Fine Brothers are an web-based comedy duo located in Los Angeles and are the creators of the MyMusic sitcom.


Former New York Orthodox Jews and sons of a Rabbi; Rafi and Benny Fine are the award-winning members of the web-based comedy duo The Fine Brothers (sometimes known as TheFineBros). They have received a major attention after their reviews on major magazines including NY Times, Time and the Huffington Post, and have been popular ever since.[1]

Their showsEdit

Their 'React' showsEdit

  • Kids React: The Fine Brothers' most popular web shows so far. Featuring kids from the age of 4-14 reacting to viral videos, celebrities, YouTubers and more. Kids React (and all the other spin-offs) also have bonus reactions, like a compilation using "the best unused reactions". Kids React has become so popular, it has received an award for Best Web Show of the Year by the magazine TV Guide. Some of the Kids React crew have appeared in the show MyMusic.
  • Teens React: The Fine Brothers' first spin-off of the Kids React show was created after Lia Marie Johnson of the Kids React show grew up; which caused the Fine Brothers to create the Teens React show, with teens reacting, instead of kids.
  • Elders React:  is another spin-off of the Kids React show.
  • Youtubers React: The Fine Brothers' most recent show (so far) other than for MyMusic, is another spin-off of the Kids React show.Such as Jordan Maron, CyanExodusHD and Smosh.

Their parody showsEdit

  • LOST: What Will Happen Next?: The Fine Brothers' parody of the popular TV show Lost, with themes of popular film series and TV shows. The web-show features dolls, as in other of The Fine Brothers' parody shows.
  • Harry Potter Deleted Scenes: is a fan-fic-style 3-episode show which was created as a show for Harry Potter-fans trying to wait for the upcoming Harry Potter film.

Their other showsEdit

  • Spoiler Alert!:One of The Fine Brothers' longest running shows yet, it features Benny and Rafi Fine on camera talking very quick spoiling popular shows, films and video games.
  • Last Moments of a Relationship:One of The Fine Brothers' shortest running shows yet, featuring with Benny (in the most of the episodes) and a "girlfriend" showing how a relationship can be ended.
  • Lindsay Lohan Needs Real Friends:Another one of The Fine Brothers' shortest running shows yet, featuring Lindsay Lohan (portrayed by Lisa Schwartz) trying to live a troubled life by not getting in jail and by not getting friends.
  • Platonic:A show about Tricia trying to find a friend that "doesn't want to f*ck her".


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