The Funeral
Episode number 20
Season 1
Airdate September 16, 2012
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"One Will Die" "Multiple Personalities?"
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The Funeral is the twentieth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Scene awaits her death for mentioning the name 4Chan while Indie reflects on what the group might do while both Techno & Dubstep keep stepping in for him not mentioning their name


In order to prepare for her supposed death, Scene, along with her the fellow MyMusic employees, hold a faux open coffin funeral, in which Scene is put in actually in the coffin. At first Scene was scared of dying, but is excited for it. Before anything happens to her, Scene decides to give all of her makeup, which are only eyeliners, to Idol, her favorite movie, My Neighbor Totoro, to Hip Hop, which he secretly loves, and all her avatars to Intern 2. Intern 2 start to doubt that 4chan will kill Scene.

However, Hip Hop, calling Intern 2 on their desk phones, tells him that he shouldn't doubt explaining he "saw them off my homeboy, Marvin." In which Intern 2 is now terrified for Scene. Scene then decides to leave a letter for Indie in his desk that explains her feelings towards him. When she does, Indie introduces Scene the new employee who be replacing her named, Emo, who like her name sake, is emo. Devistated that Indie already found a replacement of her and still thinks Scene is emo, Scene

Scene after her avatars were killed

wants 4chan to take her now. 4chan then appear saying it's now time. Intern 2 tells her she doesn't have to go through it.

However, she wants to so he and the other employees won't suffer from 4chan. When Scene is ready to be killed, 4chan then revealed that they're not going to kill her, but to kill her online soul by killing all of her avatars In which she is now devistated that they're starting to killing them off one by one. It is also revealed that Marvin, Hip Hop's friend, was not a really person, but his own avatar, named Yo-Yo Marvin. After her last avatar is then destroyed, Scene then falls into the coffin and then it closes on her. Idol knocks to make sure Scene is alright. Scene is fine, but becomes more emo, while the newest employee, Emo, hanged herself.


  • Hip Hop's avatar was named Yo-Yo Marvin, a reference to famed cellist Yo Yo Ma.


THE FUNERAL (MyMusic Episode 20)-0

THE FUNERAL (MyMusic Episode 20)-0