The Mosh is MyMusic's weekly Q&A show, where the characters answer questions from the viewers left on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube comments, and Google+


The show has had altogether 9 segments, although they have never all been featured on the same episode, it should be noted that the segments are not listed based on order of debut, rather in order of when they would come up in the show

Audience QuestionEdit

At the end of every episode the characters ask a question, the answers to which are either opinion-based or they vary from person to person, and fan answers are showcased at the beginning of the next episode

Staff QuestionsEdit

Each episode has a segment at the beginning where the staff are asked questions left by the fans on social media

Backstage PassEdit

One of the original segments was Backstage Pass, where they focused on a specific character, this segment was dropped after a short while

Cover ArtistEdit

A screengrab from the main show is shown and the fans are asked to download it on Facebook and caption it, this segment used to be on every episode, but now alternates with Fan Art

Fan Mail/ArtEdit

Later on in the series, a mailing address was given that fans could mail fan mail and art to, they also give you the option to make digital fan art and post it on MyMusic's Facebook page and it can be showcased on the show, the Fan Art portion of this segment now alternates with Cover Artist

Weekly pollEdit

In this segment, they ask a question answered via a Facebook poll and announce which option won on the following episode, a major trait of this segment is that every poll has 2 serious options, and a joke, sometimes the joke option is stated to be a joke and just insults a certain possibility, such as people being most excited for a Daughtry tour

Spotify SchmotifyEdit

Rather early on in the series, they debuted a segment where they would give a song theme, and fans could suggest songs or send them directly through Spotify to make a Spotify playlist

20 QuestionsEdit

Every episode the characters answer 20 questions for the staff from fans really fast

Free SwagEdit

Recently, the show started a giveaway that for every fan submission for The Mosh, said fan would be automatically entered into a drawing for the new MyMusic shirts


  • Sometimes the characters say things at the end of the episode for various reasons, on one episode Idol told people to Tweet Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees with the hashtag #JeffMyMusic asking him to come on the Live show, and on another, Scene told everyone about MyMusic Presents and to ask questions for the guests in the comments.