They Finally Kiss
Intern 2's choice is finally revealed.
Episode number 12
Season 1
Airdate July 8, 2012
Guest starring Lia Marie Johnson as Rayna
Episode chronology
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"Mystery Solved" "New Business"
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They Finally Kiss is the 12th episode of MyMusic. The episode revolves around Intern 2 finally giving both Rayna and Idol an answer who he should date; Indie starts his DJ privleges at both Techno & Dubstep's raves and Scene decides to make her move on Indie. This episodes also marks the apparent last appearence of Rayna.


Both Rayna and Idol decide to to get answers from Intern 2 on whom he should go on a date with. When they do, Intern 2 rejects both. He rejects Idol because he feels a workplace relationship is not a good idea. He then rejects Rayna because he sees her just as a good kid and shouldn't stay with an angry hipster like himself, in which Rayna punches him the stomach in anger.
When Rayna is about leave, she tells her dad, Metal, that Intern 2 rejected her. Metal then becomes angry that his own daughter gotten rejected and confronts Intern 2. Intern 2 tries to explain that it's not a big deal anymore and there won't be anymore misunderstandings. After a confusing argument about how Rayna looks, Metal kisses Intern 2 in a fit of rage in trying to make a point, although it makes Intern 2 respect Metal on his parenting method of having guys staying away from Rayna in fear of being kissed by him.  Meanwhile, Indie invites Hip Hop to a rave, but Hip Hop says he's going out with some friends. Meanwhile, Scene decides to try to get into it. At the rave, Indie is playing nothing but people screaming while no one showed up at all, much to both Techno and Dubstep's annoyance. Meanwhile outside, Scene tries to get in but the The Guess Guy, who is doing the security, refuses her access.


  • It's revealed from Indie talking to Hip Hop that Hip Hop's real name is Curtis.


THEY FINALLY KISS! (MyMusic Episode 12)

THEY FINALLY KISS! (MyMusic Episode 12)