Userboxes are a fun and simple way to customize your profile on the MyMusic Wiki! All you have to do is add the code between to brakets and you are ready to go! Now have fun with these new userboxes!

Admin Userbox

Wiki-wordmark This user is an admin on the MyMusic Wiki!

Code: Admin

Note: Only use this userbox if you are an admin. If you use it and you aren't, the userbox will be removed from your page and you will be banned for a day.

Character Userboxes


SceneIcon This user is a fan of Scene!

Code: Scene

Scene-you-see design This user is scene, you see!

Code: SceneYouSee

I-m-not-emo design This user is not emo!

Code: NotEmo

Intern 2

Intern 2 This user is a fan of Intern 2!

Code: Intern2

Shut-up-intern-2-face design This user wants Intern 2 to shut up!

Code: ShutUp

Techno and Dubstep

TechnoandDubstep This user is a fan of Techno & Dubstep!

Code: technoanddubstep

P-l-u-r design This user is a fan of Techno!

Code: Techno

Wub design This user is a fan of Dubstep

Code: Dubstep

Womp-wub-bzzzzk Kᴇᴇᴘ ᴄᴀʟᴍ ᴀɴᴅ ᴡᴏᴍᴘ ᴡᴜʙ ʙᴢᴢᴢᴢᴋ!

Code: Womp


Idol-mymusic-30657354-554-427 This user is a fan of Idol!

Code: Idol

DOANTWP This user went to see Diaries of a Nerdy Teenage Werewolf Princess!


Hip Hop

HipHop1 This user is a fan of Hip Hop!

Code: Hip hop


Metal This user is a fan of Metal!

Code: Metal


Indie2 This user is a fan of Indie!

Code: Indie

Pairing Userboxes

Scentern 2! This user ships Scentern 2!

Code: Scentern2

Hipster scene and indie This user ships Scindie!

Code: Scindie

This user ships Techstep!

Code: Techstep

Indol This user ships Indol!

Code: Indol

Mosh Mina This user ships Mina!

Code: Mina

Dubstep Scene This user ships Dubscene!

Code: Dubscene

Intern 2 and Techno mosh This user ships Techtern 2!

Code: Techtern2

Hintern 21 This user ships Hintern 2!

Code: Hintern2

IdolMetal This user ships Medol!

Code: Medol

Scene and hip hop mosh This user ships Scip Hop!

Code: ScipHop

Mintern 2 kiss This user ships Mintern 2!

Code: Mintern2

Scetal annoyance This user ships Scetal!

Code: Scetal